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Hello, Beautiful. How often have you said that to the mirror? Whether it’s acne, aging, no hair or too much, we all have something about our appearance we could improve. We can help treat those conditions so you can be more confident and fall in love with your skin and self. We’ll see to your every need and ensure your skin is revitalized and amazing looking. If you know it’s time for some pampering and style, visit Valley Skin MedSpa in Peoria, AZ, today.


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Arizona’s Premier DMK paramedical clinic.

DMK clinics can be found in more than 30 countries worldwide, and we are happy to bring you DMK products in Peoria, AZ.

Angie Cripeis an award-winning paramedical esthetician who takes pride in helping people fall in love with their skin.

Best New Esthetician 2016
People’s Choice 2016

Sumptuous Skin Care

Do you want to love the skin you’re in? We can help! Valley Skin MedSpa offers the finest skin care treatments, makeup, and eyelash enhancements in Peoria, AZ. We use only the finest products, and we’ll ensure you feel pampered and attended to. Treat yourself to a day of styling, beauty, and skincare. Contact us today!

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