CRYO Therapy

Arizona’s First MedSpa to be Introducing the new Cryo T-Shock therapy.
Cryo T-Shock is a device manufactured by Pagani in Milan, Italy that performs 2 different types of treatments: CryoSlimming (Cryolipolysis-freezing fat cells) and CryoToning (Thermotherapy).
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Thermo-Shock Therapy

The Shock part is how the system works, it does not SHOCK you, It creates a Hot and Cold shock to the cells that help the Apoptosis process to begin.

THERMO-SHOCK therapy is probably the most interested part, which makes HC CRYO T-SHOCK the best device over the market. Dynamic and controlled thermo Shock is a form of energy with proven biological effectiveness, which is administered
and subtracted in a controlled and combined manner for quick pain relief and complete functional recovery. The controlled combination of vasodilatation and vasoconstriction induced selectively in tissues allows fully exploiting the strong effects of the temperature changes imposed locally. Thermo Shock is effective in the early stages of rehabilitation because it provides quick pain relief, reduces swelling, improves joint mobility and allows insertion in the later stages


Non-Laser, No Discomfort,
and often times immediate results.

Get rid of the extra lbs that even diet won’t help.

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