Angie Cripe,
Licensed Esthetician

Angie Cripe began her aesthetics career in July 2013. Prioritizing her clients’ needs and seeking the best training, she soon rose to be a leading local expert on beauty and skin care. Angie is a certified lash artist, microblading specialist, permanent makeup technician, and paramedical skincare technician. Currently only focusing on Lashes and Skin care. We are putting a hold on all Permanent makeup services as of 2019. She stays up to date with products and services that are not only desired, but give real results. Angie brings her years of experience and beauty expertise to every client she serves and she welcomes you to join her at the Valley Skin MedSpa.

DMK and Circadia Beauty Products

At Valley Skin MedSpa, we’re proud to offer DMK and Circadia beauty products as our go-to brand for skincare solutions. DMK is renowned the world over for its range of treatments and products designed to revitalize skin, giving it a youthful and healthy glow. Utilizing these fine products, we can remove toxins, rebuild your skin’s health, and maintain its elasticity and beauty for years to come.

Circadia is a natural product which works with the circadian rythym of your body. We have found it offers amazing results with acne, pigment, and aging. a Wonderful compliment to DMK treatments. 

Award-winning paramedical service

Award-winning Service!
Best New Esthetician 2016
People’s Choice 2016

International Finalist
Acne Esthetician of the year 2017
Pigment Esthetician of the year 2017

International Contestant
Acne Esthetician of the year 2018

Pictured Above: Angie Cripe with DMK founder, chemist, President, Danne

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