Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening

in Peoria, AZ

“Fibroblast Plasma Therapy is a new skin tightening procedure that is generating a lot of buzz in the medical aesthetics industry. It delivers tiny arcs of plasma created by an electrical discharge via a “plasma pen” to the skin, singeing the surface and tightening the underlying tissue”. 

Source: American Med Spa Magazine

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What is Fibroblast Plasma? 

Plasma Fibroblast is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment which offers an alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Fibroblast delivers results which rival surgical procedures, but with minimal downtime and without having to go under the knife!

Fibroblast Skin Treatment is performed using a plasma pen and under topical anesthetic cream. An electrical arc is discharged from the plasma pen without actually touching the skin. At the multiple places on the treated area where the plasma pen is used, the discharge leaves micro craters in the skin which heal in form of dots (see image on the right). The skin around the dots naturally shrinks to heal the micro craters which causes the skin stretching effect.

Plasma Lifting Soft Peel is used to tighten loose skin and activate the Fibroblast Cells in the dermis; causing these cells to create high levels of Collagen and Elasin that creates an instant and long term tightening (anti-aging effect) It is completely natural that requires no injections, no chemicals.

Acne, Aging, and Wrinkle Solutions

Pricing will vary from city, to clinic. Pictured to the left are average pricing of service for comparison.

Like any treatment we will encourage you to protect your investsment with proper home care products. DMK or Circadia products at home will help reduce the healing time and maintain the results, while continuing to improve your skin.

Follow up treatment or visit may be required to ensure you are healing correctly, and the treatment is working.


If you are prone to keloid scars.
If you have diabetes, healing disorders, or lymphatic draining issues.
If you have a history of hyperpigmentation.
If you wear a pacemaker.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
This treatment is only recommended on light-medium skin tones . Anyone with a darker complexion is at risk for hypopigmentation (Loss of Pigment) Treatment will ONLY be performed on Skin types 1-3 on diagram to the left.  Skin Type 4 sometimes is OK.
You must not display Herpes Simplex Virus (Cold sores/Fever blisters). You must reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing an outbreak. If they have experienced Herpes Simplex Virus (cold sores/fever blisters) in the past you must see your Medical Doctor and obtain a prescription for Valtrex and begin taking it 3 days before treatment and for 4 days following treatment.
*** Before and After pictures are taken prior to each procedure, you will be asked to fill out a photo release form consenting or refusing to allow us to use your photos for marketing purposes. If you refuse use of photos, we will still take them, they just wont be used on any platform, they will remain secure in your private file. 

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